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and when we rock we roll

so sunday night me and the man went riding at cal poly pomona. i went down stairs, i hurt me arse. girls are dainty. we arent supposed to ride down harsh bumps. of course the man was flying over things and well me. i preferred just coasting down hills. haha.

work. yes work. everyday ill sit there with nothing to do for the longest time and then as soon as i have one thing to do i have 100 things to do. lets make that 1000. yesterday i had to photocopy 1000 booklets for the bossman. and i had to look over every 25 of them too. just to see if they were okay. so for 2 1/2 hours there i was watching paper come out of a machine. and i only got 500 finished too. im a lazy bitch. and today ill have so much work to do when i get there i wont sit down all day im sure. yesterday i didnt even get to pee. :o(

i got my car fucking washed. its so nice. shes so happy when shes clean. shes so zippy.
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